About growing

I often hear people saying they ’grew apart’ when they mean they fell out of love. It is as deceiving a thought as is finding your ’soulmate’ or ’other half’. There is no-one but you yourself who can make you whole. There is not one ’fated’ person with whom your lifes meaning is fulfilled. If you accept this, then you must accept the fact that you are responsible for your own feelings. And that you grow as one, on your own pace into the direction that comes naturally to you.

Therefore, one cannot grow apart from that which one never truly grew with as one. Only siamese twins, after being separated could grow apart from each other. So how could we who have never truly coexisted as one body have the audacity of claiming to grow apart from someone?

No the truth is that saying things like these is a way of excusing ourselves from the responsibility that we have towards our relationships. Our loved ones cannot read our minds. They cannot follow our thoughts wherever they roam. So we have a responsibility to keep them connected to our busy little thoughts. We have to keep communicating, lest we find ourselves marooned on foreign shores without companions.